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Diversity, equity and inclusion is not about just revising HR policies and processes to be more inclusive and equitable, it’s a lens that you need to view everything through. For product organizations it’s a key lens to look at one’s product and the customer experience.

I’ve been thinking about personal…

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I can’t think of any company, country, or industry that has diversity, equity and inclusion all figured out — it’s an emergent space where we’re all learning how to do better. We can always learn from the people leading the work and from the research. I am sharing this list…

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is a growing business. There are numerous DEI tech startups, DEI companies, DEI consultants and DEI certifications. I’ve been underwhelmed by the certifications offered by academic institutions as they are overly theoretical and don’t seem to equip learners with practical skills to do DEI work…

Tara Robertson

diversity, equity, inclusion in tech, accessibility advocate, rogue librarian

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